Thursday, September 16, 2010

Virtual Online Learning

Virtual Online Learning (VOL)
I just joined a great group led by the one and only, Danna Crawford. I have been thinking about joining Virtual Online Learning (VOL) for over a year, but for one reason or another had not done it until last weekend. VOL is a virtual meetup online class that includes on all sorts of online topics such as Twitter, eBay, enhancing online presence, blogging, and ways to make money online. This group helps you to learn and understand many aspects of the internet world while motivating and challenging you
So far, within a few short days, I have already attended a very informative meetup session, and am now in the process of participating in a blogging challenge. There is also a listing challenge that I hope to participate in. According to the VOL calendar, there are many more training (informative) sessions already scheduled. From what I have seen, input from the members of the group also seems to be very helpful. There are also a lot of ideas posted to help get you get and keep motivated. I have not had time yet to check out all the information available to members of the group, but what I have already seen has been very impressive. If you haven’t checked out this group, below is a link to the site. If you have been thinking about joining, but for some reason or another haven’t, now is just as good a time as any to join.
Virtual Online Learning

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papel1 said...

Good Luck with your Etsy Store. I will go check it out. I think you will enjoy Virtual Online Learning. I am doing the challenge and only have one to go.