Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Store closed - now listing items and baseball collector cards in auction format with 99 cent starting price

Hello everyone. The first bit of news is we're still alive and kicking, and we're back. The second bit of news is that we are no longer running a store thru e-bay. Still trying to figure out if the news about the store is good or bad. Anyway, to bring everyone up to date: When the new fee schedules went into effect, we figured it wouldn't be profitable to keep a store going, so we have closed it down. On the flip side, we will be listing many items in auction format with the beginning price of 99 cents and no reserve. Currently, we have listed several items (including some baseball card lots from 1990 sorted by team). Some of the team lots included are the San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Philles, Oakland A's (Athletics), St Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and many more. These are not full team sets, but lots with different individual players per team. Check out these auctions at our new location e-bay ID deb6999 formerly Debonaire Flea Market. We will be listing new auctions frequently, so check back often. Most of the baseball cards that are listed today have an ending date within the next three to six days.