Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to new Etsy shop/final Virtual Online Learning blogging challenge post

Welcome to our new shop in our new location : Debonaire Flea Market. We are committed to providing our customers with a unique shopping experience. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable, and enjoy scrolling through our shop.
Stop in anytime twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and browse through our inventory. Stop in frequently to see the unique one of a kind handcrafted, and hard to find vintage items that we carry. For the next few weeks, we will be adding new merchandise daily, after that time, we will continue to add items several times a week. All items are in our shop and ready for immediate delivery (most are shipped within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment). Many handcrafted items in the store can be personalized, so if you see an item you would like personalized, please contact us for more information.
This is the 5th and final blog post for today from the VOL blogging challenge. It has been a very interesting blogging day. Hope you have enjoyed the posts. Have a great evening!!!!!

Communication technology - Where will we be in the next 30 years???

Years ago, telephones and handwritten letters were the best way to keep in touch with friends and family. Some households were connected by a “party line”. A “party line” was when more than one household was connected on the same phone line (and other people on your line could listen to your conversations). With newer updated technology, it became possible for phone lines to be run to each household individually, and party lines became a thing of the past. Not too long ago, most households had one phone line, and today, most individuals have their own phone lines. Years ago, receiving a phone call or a written letter thru the mail was a great way to stay in touch with other people you didn’t see daily. Today, most people are in daily contact with others thru the use of cell phones, IM, email and other technologically advanced communication methods. Today, computers are used everywhere - schools, stores, hospital, banks, most private and public places and information is passed along at an unbelievably fast rate. This is my 4th blog post in the VOL blogging challenge. Years ago, blogging wasn’t heard of and the only way a story could have been distributed was thru a paper or news article, and today, we can reach millions of readers with just the click of a button. If communication technology continues like this, where will we be in the next 30 years?

E-Bay vs Etsy - any comments for casual sellers?

eBay vs Etsy - What are your thoughts for casual sellers?
We have been a member of eBay since 2005, and have also had a store. With the changes that eBay has implemented, we found that it was not feasible to keep the store open, so we closed it. We are still listing some items thru auctions, but haven’t been very successful. Thru this post, we are hoping to get a few new ideas about selling on these two venues. We have just signed up for a store on Etsy, and will be listing handcrafted and vintage items. Here are a few comparisons that we have already found regarding these two sites:

we have listed over 250 items in the last 90 days, and only sold 10
can list most items
100 auctions starting @ 99 cents or less free per month (if you don’t have a store)
auction listing length time - max 10 days
great groups to join & wonderful Bump sites
eBay has been running several auction listing promotions

haven't had a chance to record listing/sales records yet
can only list handcrafted or vintage items or craft supplies
listing fees are 20 cents per item
listing length time - 4 months (or until sold or cancelled)
unsure about groups, but most members we have met seem to be very helpful

Anyone with any suggestions or comments, please feel free to post them. We are sure other people have experiences with these two selling venues, and we are trying to get a real perspective of both. Also, this is our 3rd post in a blogging challenge that we are participating in thru Virtual Online Learning. Interested in learning more about VOL, see the previous post

Virtual Online Learning

Virtual Online Learning (VOL)
I just joined a great group led by the one and only, Danna Crawford. I have been thinking about joining Virtual Online Learning (VOL) for over a year, but for one reason or another had not done it until last weekend. VOL is a virtual meetup online class that includes on all sorts of online topics such as Twitter, eBay, enhancing online presence, blogging, and ways to make money online. This group helps you to learn and understand many aspects of the internet world while motivating and challenging you
So far, within a few short days, I have already attended a very informative meetup session, and am now in the process of participating in a blogging challenge. There is also a listing challenge that I hope to participate in. According to the VOL calendar, there are many more training (informative) sessions already scheduled. From what I have seen, input from the members of the group also seems to be very helpful. There are also a lot of ideas posted to help get you get and keep motivated. I have not had time yet to check out all the information available to members of the group, but what I have already seen has been very impressive. If you haven’t checked out this group, below is a link to the site. If you have been thinking about joining, but for some reason or another haven’t, now is just as good a time as any to join.
Virtual Online Learning

Is this a sign or what???

Is this a sign????
For the past couple of months, we have been pondering about what to do with a lot of the inventory that we have had left over from days of collecting vintage items, and from our hobby, creating one of a kind handmade gifts. We had opened a store on eBay, but decided to close it due to an increase in fees. Lately, we have been listing items through auctions. Then last week, we decided to try our hand at opening a store at Etsy, a site we had heard a great deal about. We are in the process of opening our store, but do not have much inventory listed YET. During the process of trying to decide which way to go and what the best outlet(s) would be for reducing our inventory, we also received an invitation to join a group called Virtual Online Learning. This invitation came the same day we had decided to open a store thru Etsy. We decided to join Virtual Online Learning, and it was remarkable. One of the big obstacles that we were running into was trying to decide what to do with our blog and twitter sites, because we had not used them for a few months, and were not sure how to get them active and running again. Well, VOL has became our solution. This is the first of a set of blog posts that we will be posting today in an effort to participate in a blogging challenge. Now, is this a sign or what???
If you are interested in checking out our Etsy site, here is a link Debonaire Flea Market. Here is a link to our seller page on eBay ebay ID deb6999 formerly Debonaire Flea Market
Check back often because we will be adding more to our store and our auctions change weekly.
Have a great day - hope you enjoy today’s posts

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New store opening - Etsy

Hello again everyone. Just a short update to let you know we are now in the process of opening a store at Etsy. In a few days, we will be posting about some of the new things we have going on. Stay tuned for more information:)