Thursday, September 16, 2010

E-Bay vs Etsy - any comments for casual sellers?

eBay vs Etsy - What are your thoughts for casual sellers?
We have been a member of eBay since 2005, and have also had a store. With the changes that eBay has implemented, we found that it was not feasible to keep the store open, so we closed it. We are still listing some items thru auctions, but haven’t been very successful. Thru this post, we are hoping to get a few new ideas about selling on these two venues. We have just signed up for a store on Etsy, and will be listing handcrafted and vintage items. Here are a few comparisons that we have already found regarding these two sites:

we have listed over 250 items in the last 90 days, and only sold 10
can list most items
100 auctions starting @ 99 cents or less free per month (if you don’t have a store)
auction listing length time - max 10 days
great groups to join & wonderful Bump sites
eBay has been running several auction listing promotions

haven't had a chance to record listing/sales records yet
can only list handcrafted or vintage items or craft supplies
listing fees are 20 cents per item
listing length time - 4 months (or until sold or cancelled)
unsure about groups, but most members we have met seem to be very helpful

Anyone with any suggestions or comments, please feel free to post them. We are sure other people have experiences with these two selling venues, and we are trying to get a real perspective of both. Also, this is our 3rd post in a blogging challenge that we are participating in thru Virtual Online Learning. Interested in learning more about VOL, see the previous post


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb!
I just tweeted this post, but not sure what your Twitter ID is, so could not include it!

I have had both eBay and Etsy stores for years and the success fluctuates from time to time. eBay always outsells Etsy for me, but at lower prices since the buyers are looking for deals over quality, in my opinion. Also, eBay lets us post sales and accept best offers and that makes a big difference! I wish Etsy would institute some of those - at least the ability to have a sale =)

All in all, I love them both! They both come through for me and now that you're with @VirtualOnline I know things are going to change for you, too~!! I keep raising my goals each time I meet them! I think back to when I thought goals a few levels down were impossible and I'm so glad I don't think that way anymore!
Great post~!!
Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

elegantKB said...

HI Deb, I have both etsy and eBay stores. I love the Esty fee structure but I do not get as much traffic to etsy- yet. Ebay is going great for me. I love eBay for all the reasons Anita mentioned.
One thing you can try on etsy is to post at least one item each day. When I do that I seem to get more sales. We should start a thread for this topic at Virtual Online So glad you were in the Blog Challenge. It was fun!