Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is this a sign or what???

Is this a sign????
For the past couple of months, we have been pondering about what to do with a lot of the inventory that we have had left over from days of collecting vintage items, and from our hobby, creating one of a kind handmade gifts. We had opened a store on eBay, but decided to close it due to an increase in fees. Lately, we have been listing items through auctions. Then last week, we decided to try our hand at opening a store at Etsy, a site we had heard a great deal about. We are in the process of opening our store, but do not have much inventory listed YET. During the process of trying to decide which way to go and what the best outlet(s) would be for reducing our inventory, we also received an invitation to join a group called Virtual Online Learning. This invitation came the same day we had decided to open a store thru Etsy. We decided to join Virtual Online Learning, and it was remarkable. One of the big obstacles that we were running into was trying to decide what to do with our blog and twitter sites, because we had not used them for a few months, and were not sure how to get them active and running again. Well, VOL has became our solution. This is the first of a set of blog posts that we will be posting today in an effort to participate in a blogging challenge. Now, is this a sign or what???
If you are interested in checking out our Etsy site, here is a link Debonaire Flea Market. Here is a link to our seller page on eBay ebay ID deb6999 formerly Debonaire Flea Market
Check back often because we will be adding more to our store and our auctions change weekly.
Have a great day - hope you enjoy today’s posts

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Danna Crawford said...

It's great to see the "Debonaire Flea Market" sign again for me too! Brought back fond memories of chatting with you ages ago online! Thanks for joining VOL and I look forward to watching you grow your online business even more as you take it to the NEXT LEVEL :-)