Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quick inexpensive decorating idea - try Window Clings

Need a quick inexpensive decorating idea - here is a great one to try. Window clings.

Window clings will cling to most non-porous surfaces, and can be used on a lot of different surfaces and several different ways. Some possible uses for clings are on doors, dressers, walls, refrigerators, other wooden objects, and of course, windows. They seem to stay on the surface well, and are very easily removed. With clings, you can decorate any room, and also quickly decorate for a party. The good thing about using window clings for decoration is that when you are done, they can be easily removed from the surface, and another design added (or the object left undecorated). Clings can be used over and over again. It is much easier to remove clings than to cover surfaces that have been painted with several different colors. One negative note to mention is that if you put the cling against a surface with the wrong side down, there is a possibility that the paint may fade onto the surface.

Think outside the box, and clings can be used to decorate almost anything. They also make great party favors or gifts.

If you are interested in purchasing some cling sets cheaply, check out our ebay store Debonaire Flea Market . We have several different color clings listed (in sets of 6) for 75 cents per sheet including shipping. The clings that listed are new and include Looney Tunes, Small Soldiers, Teletubbies, Kittens, and an educational aide group that features colors.

Also listed in our store are window decoration (suncatcher) sets that also make great party favors, or gifts. We currently have a Suzy's Zoo duck design in stock. Please don’t confuse these with the clings, because they aren’t as functional as clings.

Grab a set of clings today, and let your imagination be your guide!!!!!!!