Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mini-experiment on social networking and Twitter

Tonight, I sat down at my computer with the intent of listing several more items in our store Debonaire Flea Market . Well, as usual, it didn't take much to sidetrack me, and I ended up on Twitter. While I was reading many interesting posts from the people I follow, and checking out some of their blogs, I decided to try a mini-experiment. This mini-experiment found me tweeting about an item that I had listed (at least I had accomplished something). Prior to the tweet, I checked the item I had listed and it had 5 views. I then waited for about 15 minutes and rechecked my views, and to my surprise, this item now had 25 views. I know that this isn't typical, but I found it to be surprising, and a big testimony to how well social networking can work. I'm not good at using SEO, don't have a facebook page, and only use Twitter, and my blog for social networking. I have been trying to find ways to drive traffic to our store because when we checked our visits from last year, we have received considerable less visits than we did this time last year. One of the things that I think has affected the number of our visits is the fact that e-Bay now sends feeds to Google, so we don't get as much traffic thru Google (last yr Google was about 40% of our traffic, this yr it is less than 25%). Anyway, if you are a small seller on e-Bay, Etsy, or any other market place, try your own experiments and see if you can find new ways to drive visitors to your store. Good luck:)

We will be holding a cyber Monday sale at Debonaire Flea Market, so check back here on Sunday, November 29th to get the details.

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