Sunday, December 14, 2008

2009 Charity Auction Thank You Certificate - Update on new location of Certificate

Update on the "2009 Charity Auction Thank You Certificate": Thank You certificate was purchased and has moved to it's new home in Ocala Florida. It made quite a trip from it's cold snowy start here in Ohio to it's warm sunny Florida location. Check back for more information and to see where it is going to next.

Hello everyone. As you know, I had an auction and donated 100% of my proceeds of this auction to A Gift for the Future Children's Fund . For this auction, I listed an item I called the "2009 Charity Auction Thank You Certificate". This item is a framed certificate that thanks the purchaser for supporting a charity. It also features a place for you to leave a message on the side pages, and encourages you to list the certificate w/in a month as a charity auction for your favorite charity so someone else can purchase it and pass it on it’s way. It also contains information on emailing me so everyone can track the travels of this certificate throughout 2009. I will be updating the information on the whereabouts of this certificate through my blog, so you can keep track of it during the year. If you email the information when you re-list, I will also include that info on the blog, so others will have a chance to bid on the certificate. We began the journey of the "2009 Charity Auction Thank You Certificate" in December 2008. I have started the journey of this certificate, but can’t take the credit for the idea because I got the original idea from another ebay member, who many of you may know - PowerSellingMom.


Danna Crawford said...

You got MY BID! Great job with this listing!!!! Made my day to think that I inspired you too!!!! NOW today you have inspired ME! Hugzzz and Blessings, Danna

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram said...

Congratulations on your new blog & Happy Sales to You!

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Danna Crawford said...

Quick note to let you know I will soon be listing this. FORGIVE me for not doing it sooner.... Wanted you to know I did NOT forget you .. Life caught up and I over looked it ... WILL have it before end of month AND will let you know when ready!!!! Hugzzz, Danna