Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Virtual Online Learning Blogging Challenge

Guess what? A whole month has passed since the last Virtual Online Learning Blogging Challenge, so here we are again. This challenge is for members of VOL to post five different blogposts in one day. It is a great way to keep your blog active. I have only been a member of VOL for a little over a month, but have learned a lot in the short time. VOL offers many different training sessions and challenges and you only participate in the ones you want too. There are many helpful people in the group, and there is also a message board if you have problems or need help. A few days ago, there was a training session on "Tweeking your blog". Although I did attend the session, I haven’t had a chance to implement all of the ideas I came away with. If you would like more info on VOL or interested in joining, check out the website. Virtual Online Learning

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Scott Whitley said...

I am enjoying VOL and its challenges too. This is my first Blog Challenge and I liked it immensely.